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29 weeks pregnant…what’s happening in there

29 weeks pregnant Wearing my favourite Queen Mum Classic Maternity Dress in red.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and it’s all getting very real

The third trimester is here (how did that happen?), and my to-do list is growing by the day. Does anyone else find that they can’t stop making lists? Or is it just me? It doesn’t matter how hard I try to chill, it’s very hard to resist the nesting instinct.

The nesting instinct

Things that normally wouldn’t bother me, keep jumping out at me, like the skirting boards, telling me to paint them. They are already painted. And cleaning under things and on top of things and rearranging rooms. Anyone else? Having spoken to friends, everyone’s nesting instinct kicks in at different times, if at all. One friend would obsessively wash her new baby clothes from about 34 weeks, in case they were getting dusty in the drawer. She loved seeing them hanging in a neat row on the washing line, tiny little white outfits just waiting for a little person to wear them. And then when her baby came along, most of them were too small so she really wished she’d just left them in the packet! Some women go into crazy cleaning and sorting mode just before they go into labour or even during labour. Waking in the middle of the night and mopping floors or rearranging rooms. Seriously, we must be mad. But it is an instinct, like so many aspects of being pregnant and giving birth. So you might as well embrace it and make the most of these spurts of energy.

What’s happening in there

Sometimes I think there’s a boxing match going on in my tummy. It’s a weird feeling, and if you have ever tried to imagine that feeling before being pregnant, you really couldn’t imagine it. But then you get really used to it and sometimes don’t even notice it happening, especially when you are busy. Sometimes you stop and think, when did he last kick? And panic briefly until you feel the reassuring movements again. And they are so reassuring, and almost comforting. It’s one of the things I really missed last time once Teddy was born – the comforting feeling of my bump and baby movements.

At 29 weeks your busy little baby weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and can now open their eyes and start to blink. How amazing.

There’s no more room

I’m thinking my tummy can’t possibly keep on stretching! This baby definitely feels bigger than Teddy did. And I’m only 29 weeks so there is ages to go! I have those mixed emotions of thinking I need longer to get ready for this new arrival, and also find myself excitedly willing on what will most likely be the worst pain of my life, or second worst! For me birth was a total dichotomy, and I often refer to it as the best and worst experience of my life. That’s why I sort of dread it and look forward to it at the same time!

Did you know you are now carrying around an extra 20-30 pounds of weight, so it’s no wonder you are starting feel like there’s no more room. As your baby grows your expanding uterus has rearranged other organs in your body, so feeling uncomfortable at times is all part of the territory. That feeling of having something constantly digging into your ribs is not the best. I am also currently working on avoiding the waddle at all costs. Occasionally I can feel myself start to walk in a slightly penguin fashion and quickly stand up tall and stride out to avoid giving in too early!

A little exercise goes along way

The best way to keep the waddle at bay is to keep moving. Even though exercise may feel like the last thing you want to do, it is true what they say that you feel so much better afterwards. The good news is that gentle exercise is the best way forward at this stage. So a brisk walk, pilates or yoga will really help to keep up your energy levels and help to prepare your body for birth. If you suffer with back ache like I do, you will find pilates and yoga a life saver.

Keep an eye on the Lulibelle Loves blog for more updates as my bump and baby keep growing. Including tips on how to embrace the third trimester and how to continue to look and feel good.

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