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Embracing motherhood


Now that I’m a mum of two boys (Benny 14 weeks old and Teddy 2 years old) time for myself is in short supply. It’s inevitable, and to be honest I’m ok with it. It’s a gradual transition into fully accepting that your relationship with yourself has changed. Slowly slowly you forget to mourn those luxury mornings of getting only yourself ready, or the Sundays when you could lie on the sofa all day. Life is definitely different now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! As part of my journey into embracing motherhood, I decided the time was right for a whole new lifestyle. Believing in seizing the day we relocated our family and business to Cornwall before Christmas. It was a little stressful at times! But we did it! We’re here, and now it’s January and life is supposed to be getting back to normal. I just need a little more time to discover what normal will be!

One thought is that I really want to focus on the things that matter. I don’t want the little things to get in the way of really enjoying being a mum. With this is mind I have put together some thoughts…

New year, small changes, good intentions…

  • Embrace the lifestyle you have chosen – whether you are a stay at home mum, or working a 5 day week your child will grow up to respect you and they will be fine whatever choices you have made. All mums know that there is no easy option. Embrace your decision and go for it – no more mum guilt!
  • Spend less time staring at a screen, and more time looking into your child’s eyes.
  • Make the most of it, it goes by so fast. I used to get so irritated when people said that to me! I used to be like ‘yeh yeh, so everyone says’ when at the time I was wishing the days away praying for the day when Teddy would sleep through the night, or could walk without me having to carry him everywhere. Now that I am learning to embrace motherhood I know what they mean by ‘make the most of it’. It really does go so fast, and when I look back, all of those little phases, however hard at the time, were so special.
  • Play! Make up games, play trains, build a den, spend time colouring-in, dance around the kitchen. It’s fun being a child so rediscover what it feels like.
  • Live for now.

Teddy and Benny







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