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We’re expecting a new arrival…

Expecting a new arrival

We’re expecting a new baby

We have a Lulibelle baby on the way and there’s an air of excitement in the office – everyone loves to talk about a new baby: guess the sex, watch the bump grow, feel the tiny kicks, handle beautiful white baby clothes – it’s such as special time. As the founder of Lulibelle, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try out all of our beautiful maternity clothes for real, now that I am expecting baby number two. Lucky me!

It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop and I have been willing my bump to grow so that I can embrace the maternity clothing and really do it justice. At 19 weeks I am finally feeling ready to come out of hibernation as the sickness and exhaustion of the early weeks has subsided.

Isn’t it amazing that during those early days, even when you don’t realise you are pregnant, all the major organs and features are being created, so that by 12 weeks you have a perfect little tiny baby that spends the rest of its time in the womb getting bigger. No wonder we feel tired in the first trimester! It truly is a miracle. And now I’m happily in my second trimester with a spring in my step and a blossoming bump.

How did you feel at 19 weeks pregnant?

I have started to feel little flutters and mini-kicks which quickly reminds me, when I’m having a busy day, that I have a baby in there. It’s so nice when you feel these movements to just stop for a second and put your hand on your belly and connect with the baby.

Sometimes I forget to stop and think, especially now I’m having baby number two and don’t seem to have quite the same amount of time to dedicate to thinking. I used to spend hours reading about the baby’s development and comparing him to fruit – from blueberry to melon.

It is amazing to read about their development and I must make a mental note to do this more. Here’s a recent photo of Teddy and me, he’s grown a bit since the blueberry days…I wonder what his brother or sister will look like?

Alice & Teddy


What to wear at 19 weeks pregnant?

I definitely think my bump popped out much earlier this time than with baby number one. My muscles seem to have given up without much of a fight! Maternity jeans are essential now (and have been for a good few weeks) to save feeling like I’m being cut in half by my trousers! Investing in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans in the early days is a sound idea and will give you months of comfort and extend the life of some of your non-maternity tops. The bump band on maternity jeans is a life-saver and prevents the accidental tummy shows which can so easily happen when you’re not looking (and someone else is!).

Today is too warm for jeans so I opted for our striking tye dye maxi dress. It is a dream to wear. Made from a light weight jersey it falls softly over your bump and keeps you cool and comfortable. I really love the colours too, it’s so nice to wear something bright and summery. This dress speaks for itself and really doesn’t need accessories, but if you can’t resist then a straw hat, some sunglasses and a denim jacket would work nicely. I’ve gone boho bare feet in the office today – anyone else get hot feet when pregnant? Oh the joys 🙂 Print maternity maxi dressPrint maternity maxi dress



Keep an eye on the Lulibelle Loves blog for more to come from my pregnancy stories and maternity fashion tips.

What did you wear during your second trimester?

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