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Horizontal Stripes Rule During Pregnancy

horizontal stripes on maternity dresses

All mummas-to-be look good in horizontal stripes.

It’s a fact: t4102.4751a-900hey emphasise your curves in all the right places…and… did you know it’s a myth that they make you look bigger? It was actually proven by a clever German scientist called Hermann von Helmholtz in the mid-19th century. But that’s enough about the science, what can these stripes actually do for us? Simple horizontal stripes really flatter a pregnant woman’s body making your bump look fitter and more dynamic in a magical way. They have a narrowing effect at the waist making you look smaller with a more curvaceous shape. Which is just what we want, because we want to show off our beautiful bumps. Wearing stripes in a quality jersey fabric also reinforces this appeal as the material glides over your curves, and of course is super comfortable. Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon have all been spotted looking fabulous in maternity stripes. So we say do not be afraid of the horizontal stripe, go for it, be bold and proud and get your stripes on during your pregnancy.


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