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Why we love being pregnant

Love being pregnant

Do you love being pregnant?

Today we are thinking of all the good things about being pregnant. Forget the sickness, cankles and tiredness….we could go on! There is definitely plenty to be cheerful about. For one thing, you are carrying a little growing person inside you, and that is a great privilege. But there are also lots of other more frivolous reasons for loving being pregnant.

Here’s our top list of reasons to celebrate:

Your skin and hair feel good. The pregnancy glow is real.

Your boobs get bigger and better, and you feel blossoming.

People are really nice to you. Strangers stop to talk to you and wish you well, and they give up their seats for you (hopefully).

No periods. Good.

Maternity leave. Good.

Lots of naps and no reason to feel guilty.

You can get out of some of the worst jobs at home and in the office.

You have the perfect excuse for pampering yourself lots.

No need to feel guilty for eating naughty things – baby wants it, not you!

When you have grown and given birth to a real person you feel like you can do anything. You are a superhero!

There are loads of excuses to buy new things!


Buying new things

Buying new things for your baby is a real joy. Tiny little white baby grows, snuggly blankets and mega new buggies. It’s like a whole new world. Make sure you don’t forget yourself though, as feeling comfortable in properly fitting clothing is essential for keeping that feel good factor during your pregnancy. We’ve put together a list of our best-selling essentials for home and work which no mum-to-be should go without.


The best skinny maternity jeans

Dark Denim Skinny Maternity Jeans

 Quality jersey maternity and nursing top available in a choice of colours

Blue Cross-Over Maternity and Nursing top

Maternity pencil skirt, perfect for the office

Mid-Length Pencil Maternity Skirt

 Super comfortable tunic perfect with leggings

Jeans Blue Ruched Maternity Tunic

What is your favourite thing about being pregnant? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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