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New year…time to breathe

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Here at Lulibelle we are shunning the usual new year’s resolutions in favour of some easy-to-keep, life-style improving, mood-enhancing ideas…

Back away from the hoover – it never did anyone any good. Play more, hoover less.

Breathe – when you feel stressed, take a step back and breeeeeathe.

Quality time – spend time with your partner and friends, dinner for two, the cinema. It’s easy.

No more mum guilt – you really can’t do any more than you are doing. Be proud and guiltless.

Holiday – book that holiday, and definitely book that baby moon.

One step at a time – stop trying to multi-task everything. Live in the moment.

Eat more – think of a food you want to eat more of, not less of.

Fresh air – remember the great outdoors, it is life-affirming!

Happy 2014 to all you amazing mammas and mammas-to-be

Love from Lulibelle


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