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Are you pregnant and feeling the heat?

summer pregnancy style

Hot mamma?

Are you pregnant and feeling the heat? Maybe you were a sun worshipper before you got pregnant, and now you want to sit in the shade with an ice cold drink and your feet in the paddling pool? Either that or hang around the fridge section of the supermarket!


So why do pregnant women feel the heat more intensely?

Because your body is working much harder. You have more blood circulating around your body and you are working away to deliver nutrients to your baby. You also have a mini in-built central heating system in the form of your baby, and are generally heavier because you are carrying a little person. All of these factors mean that you will find things more tiring, you may feel uncomfortable and will overheat more easily in the hot weather. But fear not! This does not mean we need to turn into a blob. There are measures we can take to help us through, and lightweight clothing will also help to keep you cool and comfortable.


Top tips for keeping cool

Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration – obvious but easy to forget when we’re busy!

Cool your feet in a basin of cold water. It’s amazing how cooling your feet makes your whole body feel cooler. Put some marbles in the bottom and roll the soles of your feet over them to massage – feet take a lot of strain during pregnancy.

Take cool showers and allow yourself to dry naturally – as the water evaporates it will really help to cool you down.

Use a water spray chilled in the fridge to cool your face when on the move.

Try not to rush around, and especially avoid the heat of midday. Plan your days with the busy activities during the cooler mornings and walk slowly.

On public transport you may need to point out that you are pregnant in order to get a seat. People are often reluctant to give up their seats in case they offend women, fearing that they may just have a large tummy!

Wear natural fabrics and clothes that are loose fitting.


Here’s our style inspiration for keeping cool and looking hot this summer

Our soft lawn cotton tunic is lightweight and perfect with our cotton maternity shorts for a super cool summer look. The beaded detail around the neckline also makes this ideal for the evening.


Cotton maternity tunicCotton Beaded Maternity TunicWhite cotton maternity shorts


Make the most of the summer with this stylish print maxi dress. The fabric is a lightweight jersey which falls over your bump and allows the air to circulate around your legs, keeping you cool and looking hot.

Maternity maxi dressTye Dye Print Maternity Maxi Dress


Chill out in our loose fitting print maternity harem pants. A must-have for summer 2014, and perfect for when you need to wear trousers, but don’t want them to cling to you. They are made from a cool, lightweight jersey material so your legs will stay cool and so will you.

Loose fitting pregnancy trousersPrint Maternity Harem Pants


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