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Spring has sprung and this too shall pass

The three of us

I have just got back from Scotland for the Easter holidays. I have spent the last 3 weeks lambing on a farm, feeding new lambs, helping Ewes give birth, mucking out pens, feeding the mums and milking sheep to feed the lambs who are struggling. It brought back a lot of memories of having my own babies! The indignity of giving birth, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing and nappies (mucking out!!!) and reminded me of how exhausting it all is!

This too shall pass…

If you’re on this page then you’re likely pregnant. If it’s your first baby then just keep in mind ‘This too shall pass’. It was my mantra (infact still is, and my youngest is 3) through the first year! The lack of sleep passes, the post birth shock passes, the endless feeds pass, the crying (eventually) passes, colic passes, reflux passes. However the sleeping baby cuddles pass, the milk drunk smiles pass, their complete and utter reliance on you passes and the lovely noises they make when feeding pass. I used to sit in a rocking chair to give my boys their final bottle of the day before bedtime. I loved giving them that bottle, partly because it was the main peaceful and quiet part of the day where it was just me and them, and I won’t lie, partly because it meant they were going to bed and I could have a break!! However I don’t remember the last time I gave either of them that lovely bedtime bottle, because it was never planned. They decided they were going to get in their cots and feed themselves the last bottle of the night. I never got to relish in that last bottle with either of them and cherish it forever because I didn’t know it was the last. With our first baby, we were always waiting for that next stage, when he would sleep through, when he would sit up, crawl, stand, walk, talk. So much so that we almost wished his babyhood away! I wish someone had told me at the time to find enjoyment in every moment, even the ones that make you want to tear your hair out, because every single one of them passes, far quicker than you expect them to!

Cherish your babies, cherish the good parts and the bad parts because ‘This too shall pass’ and you just might miss it when it does!

Pictures of my babies growing up


The photos above from left to right, top to bottom.

Our first day home after Harrison was born – completely in love.

The first time Harrison sat up on his own.

Harrison and Oscar meeting in hospital for the first time.

Me and Oscar in France, when I was his world.

The three of us in Wales on the beach.

Me and my beautiful, crazy, exhausting, mischievous, delightful boys.


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