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The art of buying maternity clothes

The art of buying stylish maternity clothes

Let’s be honest, we all know ‘that feeling’ of having nothing wear, and never is it more common and despairing than when pregnant.

And yet this is the time of our lives when we really need our clothes to stand up and support us! To make us look and feel great while we watch our bodies change by the day and wait for our minds to catch up.  The clever shopper or small-bump ladies can get away with non-maternity and make their existing wardrobes work for every penny spent. But this is not the case for most and even the slimmest mumma will have to give-in eventually to the inevitable leggings (well, they are a maternity wardrobe staple!).


Maternity clothes beyond pregnancy

So what is to be done? First of all let’s change the way we think about maternity clothes. No-longer a quick fix to get us through the last few months of bump but a considered purchase in the early months to keep us comfortable and stylish throughout our pregnancy and beyond. Because, as we know, pregnancy is definitely not just 9 months then we’re done. Pop! Back to normal, let’s dig out those size 8 skinny jeans! Erm, no, it is a long journey and we need to make sure we support our body and give it time to adjust, in the right attire that makes us feel good. Because looking good and feeling good has never been so important .


Lulibelle’s top 5 tips on buying maternity clothes:

–       Don’t go crazy. Your bump doesn’t need a big wardrobe – just the right one. Buy early, buy quality, buy versatility!

–       Think about the key pieces in your wardrobe and invest in maternity versions that are good quality and comfortable and will grow with you.

–       If you are hoping to breast-feed be a savvy buyer and buy maternity clothes that also have a nursing function. It will make your life so much easier post-birth!

–       Consider fabrics. We tend to have a higher body temperature and more sensitive skin when we are pregnant, so cool, natural fabrics will help achieve the all-important comfort factor.

–       Most importantly enjoy this very special time, and love your bump!


What do you look for when buying maternity clothes? We’d love to hear your comments below


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