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The best maternity jeans

The best maternity jeansAre you searching for the best maternity jeans?

We have made it easy for you by researching numerous brands, trying endless pairs, and selecting only the very best maternity jeans. Jeans are the most essential of all items in our maternity wardrobes, yet they are the most difficult item to get right! We have first hand experience of trawling the high-street and internet during pregnancy to find the perfect pair. Why are they so elusive?! And there are so many decisions to be made – over-the-bump, under-the-bump, on-the-bump, boot cut, skinny, cropped, straight leg, dark blue, mid-blue, pale blue?

Comfort, versatility, fit, style and longevity

We have focused on what mums-to-be value most when it comes to maternity jeans. Comfort, versatility, fit, style and longevity. Are they soft and stretchy? Are they a good colour that will go well with your tops and can be dressed up or down? Are they stylish and a good fit across your bump and bum? Will the design adapt as your pregnancy progresses and can they be worn during the post-pregnancy period?

Why we love over-the-bump

Over-the-bump maternity jeans offer the greatest flexibility as they have a jersey panel which can be folded down to make an under-the-bump or on-the-bump style, or the jersey panel can be pulled up over-the-bump. This allows you the versatility of three styles of maternity jeans, but you only need to buy one pair! For this reason we only sell the over-the-bump style. Some mums-to-be like to wear this style early in their pregnancy to feel their jeans are really secure, others like the feeling of supporting their bump as it grows, and some prefer to have the panel rolled down in the later stages due to an itchy bump. It’s difficult to know what your preference will be at each stage and that’s why we love this versatile style.

Skinny jeans all the way

Because we passionately believe that pregnancy does not mean sacrificing style, we fully embrace the skinny jean during pregnancy. Stylish and youthful and the most versatile design for showing off all your favourite shoes! Ballet pumps, high heals, and boots look best with skinny jeans, and shoes make us happy because they are the one thing which still fit us when we are pregnant, hurray!

They won’t fall down

All our styles have an adjustable waistband with an elasticated band and buttons inside which can be tightened or loosened as required. This means your maternity jeans won’t fall down! It also means that while you are waiting for your body to return to some sort of normality post-pregnancy you can continue to wear your comfortable maternity jeans with the waistband pulled in and the jersey panel pulled up if you’d like to feel a little more secure as your tummy goes back down.


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The best maternity jeans


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