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The Rollercoaster Continues…


In my last blogs I’ve talked about divorce and being a single mum as being like a rollercoaster, I have most definitely been on the downward spiral of it recently!

Over the last few months I met someone who I really liked. I hadn’t particularly gone looking for anything, it just happened and I decided to roll with it. It didn’t work out, sadly, and it sent me back to square one again. It’s really difficult to put your trust in someone after going through a bad break up but I was determined I wasn’t going to be that girl who has been so badly burnt that it affects all future relationships, because of that I’ve ended up taking a bigger fall than I should have, but I don’t regret it. I will still go into my next relationship (when I’m ready) with wild abandon most likely, because I am still a hopeless romantic!

This brings me to dating apps!

I tried Tinder, I spent the first hour swiping the wrong way by accident and matching with all of the people I had intended to, very politely, decline.

I tried Plenty Of Fish, I got bombarded with messages from 24 year old guys who just sent highly inappropriate emojis as their first messages! It’s definitely a confidence booster though! I received over 50 messages from guys in the first 4 hours… even one from George Clooney! Well, at least, that’s who he claimed to be!! 😉

Finally I tried Happn. If you haven’t heard of it, this one is really clever. It only brings up people who you have physically crossed paths with, whether that be whilst in your car, walking or even potentially going down the road they work or live on. It’s brilliant for finding people who are local to you rather than being matched with the seemingly perfect guy, who happens to live 112 miles away! Anyway, it seems I don’t leave the house often enough to ever cross paths with anyone!! (That is how sad and pathetic my life is!)

I know what some people will be thinking. That I should just stay single, find my feet and find happiness on my own before meeting someone else. The brilliant thing about humans is that we are all different and our minds work in different ways, I find it truly fascinating. I am just the sort of person who is happier in a relationship, I love sharing my life with another person and am rubbish at being on my own, I always have been! You may see that as a fundamental flaw but then someone may see your Nutella addiction as a flaw too. (Just for the record I wouldn’t, unless you were stealing my industrial size jar of Nutella.) We are all in charge of our own happiness and I know that mine is always accentuated by sharing it with another person. However I may give dating apps a swerve for a while!!

I have just received my spring summer order and I’m working y way through adding it all to the site. Keep an eye out for some fab swimwear, shorts and summery jeans and tops!

I shall keep you all updated on my antics and hope to bring incredibly happy news one day!


Lynsey xx


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