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What to pack in your hospital bag?

What to pack in your hospital bag

Are you feeling the urge to get organised and wondering what to pack in your hospital bag?

But…you’ve never done this before and have no idea what you’ll need! It feels a bit like packing for a mystery holiday without the holiday bit at the end. Unlike most things we encounter when having a baby, your hospital bag is one thing you can control and doing it early and getting it right can give you that little bit of comfort and confidence that makes all the difference in the final weeks of your pregnancy.

I remember ringing my husband every day with lists of items I needed, mostly food (in fact, mostly sweets) and extra nipple pads! Observing your husband’s reaction when you send him out on an errand to buy nipple pads is always entertaining = test number one for new dads. Of course the chances are you will need things you never could have predicted, but our list is aimed at helping you get together the essentials that you can’t do without. With personal experience and first-hand advice from Lulibelle mums we have put together a comprehensive list to give you everything you could possibly need with a few home comforts and luxuries thrown in.

For you:

Your pregnancy notes

Dressing gown

Backless slippers – the easier to get on without bending down, the better

Old night dress for labour

Lip balm – gas and air, and hospitals in general, can make your lips dry

Water spray – giving birth can make you rather warm

Hairbands and clips – the last thing we need is hair in our faces at this time

Snacks and drinks – your partner may consume most of these!

Extra pillows – as a home comfort or a v-pillow for breastfeeding

Music, books and magazines – hospitals can be boring


Phone and charger – unless you want to cut yourself off from the outside world, which is also quite appealing

Nursing bras

Breast pads, maternity pads

Cheap knickers – black ones are always good

Sleepwear – consider ease of breastfeeding in your choice



Hairbrush and makeup

Eye mask and ear plugs – for sleeping on a ward…but make sure you don’t block out the sound of your own baby. You may struggle to recognise the cry of your own at first and wake up to every baby’s cry!

Pen and paper for writing down memories, thoughts and feelings – if you are that way inclined, it is a great thing to read back, even just a few months down the line

Champagne to celebrate – or whatever you like to celebrate with – you have just achieved the greatest thing of all and become a mum

Going home outfit – it’s good to leave the hospital feeling human, a little bit special and most importantly comfortable


Here’s our top suggestions for the perfect going home outfit

Team a black nursing top with our print maternity joggers for style, comfort and practical feeding should you require.  Cap Sleeve Nursing & Maternity Top BlackDot Print Maternity Joggers


Go for a bit of colour with our simple, stylish pink tunic  and comfortable leggingsPink Summer Maternity TunicStretch Jersey Maternity Leggings …or for a touch of Kate Middleton femininity our flower print nursing dress is perfect Flower Print Nursing Dress


So, now you’re sorted it’s time for the star of the show, your new little bundle. All they need is a love….(and few other things)…

For baby:

2/3 sleepsuits and vests

Baby blanket




Cotton wool and container for water – this is so that you can change your baby’s nappy with warm water, which at such a young age is really all they need on their skin

Car seat – essential if you are being driven home

Going home outfit – the really fun bit!


Other considerations:

When should you pack your hospital bag? Really this is down to you and your personality and desire to be organised. Most people recommend by 32 weeks, but we say it’s never too early. When you get the urge, go for it!

What does the hospital supply? Every hospital is different so it is worth checking what they supply and what they recommend you bring.


We’d love to hear your top tips for what to pack in your hospital bag. What do you wish you’d taken with you first time around?

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